75 yr old man moving into subsidized senior apartment. Looking for clean single mattress, box spring. hopefully firm
Hello! I am searching for working monitors. Thanks.
For 2 children one adult that has disability with back and legs
looking for used stuffed animals that anyone may want to discard of. thank you so much in advance
Hello! I am searching for working monitors. Thanks.
1 girl 1 adult male 1 boy will pick up
I work for the YMCA here in Westlake and we are looking for a vacuum for our childcare room.
Mine just died, after I just ordered months worth of K cups. I will gladly pick up
baby boy
Hi, I'm looking for a Full/Queen headboard/platform bed, dresser/chest of drawers, coffee table, side tables, vanity table and/or a TV console. If the items are in mostly good working order but may need a minor repair, re-painted or spruced up--perfect! I could gladly use most any style/age of items. I appreciate you taking time to read this post!
Need a double dubbing deck for all my teaching cassette tapes. Motor burned out on mine. If it has a remote, that would be a plus, if not that's ok too. Can pick up when notified PLEASE and thanks in advance.
In need of several lanterns don't have to match in height or style. If you will have some that will be available after Halloween, that's okay, too! Thank you
Looking for a working printer for a non-profit concert band that plays for nursing homes. Thank you.
My kids and I are starting over we move into our own apartment next month much is needed ... but for starters we need a Christmas tree and decorations, and anything for a new home... microwave , couch, dishes the only thing we have is our beds and clothes ..... I m trying to make everything seem as normal as possible for the children after the trauma they went through this year. anything help i...
My Bearded Dragon is outgrowing his 20-gallon tank, I'm looking for something bigger.
We have an unexpected move in 12 days. Hoping to find about 30-40 moving boxes to pack up our home. Thank you guys!
going to have knee surgery.A walker would be extremely appreciated.
I am looking for medium and Large storage Containers. Thank you
Starting out with family. Need refrigerator, stove, beds, couch, coffee table, lamps, dressers, and any other accessories and household items that you could possibly help with.
Winter is coming and I am dreaming of an indoor jungle! Thanks!
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